Stepa Mitaki

Hi. I’m a product person and an entrepreneur. From 2013 to 2021, I was helping cities use technology to better serve people. In 2021 I switched my focus to healthcare. Currently building Carial to improve primary care.

2022 – now: Making Carial, messaging app for async healthcare delivery.

Previous endeavors:

2016 – 2021: Product Lead at Moscow City Government, building the city's central mobile app.

2013 – 2016: Co-founder of MyCity, a communication platform that connected residents and local government.

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I was born and raised north of the Arctic Circle in Murmansk, Russia.

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Selected writing

Cathedral Thinking (2021)

The practice of envisaging and embarking on projects with time horizons stretching decades and even centuries into the future, just like medieval cathedral builders who began despite knowing they were unlikely to see construction finished within their own lifetimes.

How we are making a government website friendly (2017)

One of the missions of Moscow’s official city website,, was to make all government interactions less stressful and provide a human touch to them. This is one example of how we did this.

Lessons I learned when building civic tech startup (2017)

Reflections on launching my first startup and working in the B2G market.

Selected speaking

In English:

How to connect citizens with local governments online (Participation Works, Oslo, 2016)

Integrated approach to urban services developments (Moscow Urban Forum, 2016)

In Russian:

О продуктовых подходах и принятии решений при работе с госструктурами (ProductSense podcast, 2020)

Как создать долгосрочный продукт на основе открытых данных (Open Data Day, Moscow, 2017)

Как позволить жителям влиять на развитие города с помощью краудсорсинговой платформы (Crowd Lab Hackathon, St. Petersburg, 2016)


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