Stepa Mitaki

Hi. I’m a product person and an entrepreneur.

I like to identify myself through my current mission and I believe it’s okay to change them every other decade or so.

From 2013 to 2021, I was helping cities use technology to better serve people. I did this by launching MyCity and building My Moscow app.

In 2022 I switched my focus to healthcare to radically simplify access to care through messaging.

2023 – now: Making Carial, text-based paediatric care delivered in 15 minutes.

Previous endeavors:

2016 – 2021: Product Lead at My Moscow, the city's central mobile app with 2.4m users.

2013 – 2016: Co-founder of MyCity, a communication platform that connected residents and local government, helping small-sized cities save hundreds of thousands of tax-payer’s money.

Born and raised north of the Arctic Circle in Murmansk, Russia. Currently based in London, UK.

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Selected speaking

How to connect citizens with local governments online (Participation Works, Oslo, 2016)

Integrated approach to urban services developments (Moscow Urban Forum, 2016)


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